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MEET AC Expands Virtual Reality

Have you ever wanted to experience everything that AC has to offer from the comfort of a chair or your hotel room?! Well, with MEET AC's partnership with YouVisit you can do just that! This new enhanced visitor experience of Atlantic City takes you on a journey through the surf, sand and boardwalk strolls along the famous ocean-side town. This experience offers meeting planners, brands and prospective visitors a whole new way to enjoy their stay in Atlantic City.

The YouVisit experience will continue to assist the Meet AC sales team to meet their yearly room night goals, while focusing on bookings at the Atlantic City Convention Center, newly opened properties and re-branded products. The YouVisit experience offers meeting planners and visitors a clearer, more immersive view of Atlantic City as they virtually experience the Convention Center and surrounding destination using this engaging and effective technology. “Immersive experiences perform in ways that our photos and our floor plans have never been able to. They show the beauty of our destination and the flexibility of our facilities in 360 degrees. They make it easier to see how the flow of an event will work from an attendee perspective. They enable the viewer to learn more about the specifics of an event space in less time,” stated Sandi Harvey, vice president of sales for Meet AC. “But this is about more than just one event. I see this as a fundamental change in the way our industry will be doing business in the years to come.” YouVisit creates virtual experiences for businesses and institutions around the world that can be viewed from multiple platforms, including leading virtual reality headsets, mobile devices, and web browsers. YouVisit’s virtual experiences are designed to replicate and enhance real-life experiences through rich media, including professional photos, videos, 360-degree panoramas and much more. “YouVisit is proud to expand our partnership with Meet AC this year by implementing some of our newest and most compelling features to enhance their already successful virtual visit,” said PJ Morreale, head of studios at YouVisit. “With so many incredible locations and events to pick from, Atlantic City is a perfect fit to utilize the incredible power of VR to bring their visitors even closer to all of the action. If there were ever questions about what one might do in AC after the meetings are complete, this VR tour will most assuredly answer it for them. We’re thrilled to see how Meet AC will use this experience to maximize convention bookings and visitor engagement.” In addition, another component of Meet AC’s interactive floorplans is an App that can be found in the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store titled Meet AC. The viewer will experience a custom virtual reality app of our interactive experience at the Atlantic City Convention Center, Boardwalk Hall and surrounding area. View the “Meet Atlantic City Experience” at: For more information regarding Meet AC, please visit,


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