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New Features at The Commander Hotel & Suites Enhance Guest Experiences

The #6 ranked hotel in Ocean City, MD on TripAdvisor, the Commander Hotel & Suites, just got quite the upgrade over the summer. The brand new hotel front porch greets you with beautiful custom flower beds adorned with potato vines, petunias and mums. New and interactive ways to rate your stay comes in the form of a Smiley system kiosk in the lobby. New luxury features also include: a footpath and foot wash station to clean off your beach day, an expanded marketplace complete with snacks, drinks, books, tumblers, and even lanyards! The best part though? The brand new ice cream and shave shop with over 30 different flavors! The Commander Hotel & Suites is your new summer sweet spot!

“Once we see that our efforts to thrill our guests have yielded results, we then seek to surpass those benchmarks,” says Jill Douglas, General Manager of The Commander Hotel & Suites. “The new elements that we rolled out this past summer instantly clicked into place, and we’re looking forward to introducing additional experiential upgrades for our guests in next year’s spring and summer season.”

The Commander Hotel & Suites’ new offerings:

  • Custom made flower beds – Four beds with potato vines, petunias, and mums are situated on the hotel’s front porch. The beds were installed by the Commander’s owner, Blue Water Development Group.

  • Smiley terminal – A Smiley system kiosk in the hotel’s lobby, manufactured by HappyOrNot, allows guests to register real time feedback about their stay. A daily data report with the feedback is sent to the hotel’s customer service team.

  • Proprietary footpath and foot wash station – The footpath, which is exclusive to the hotel, provides direct beach access for guests. The foot wash area allows guests to clean sand off of their feet before returning to their rooms.

  • Expanded marketplace – Along with drinks and snacks, the hotel now offers a range of Commander-branded travel items, including book bags, tumblers, lip balm, and lanyards.

  • Addition of The Sweet Spot – The Sweet Spot is Ocean City’s newest ice cream and shaved ice shop. With 30 flavors on the menu, it’s located on the ground level of the hotel, and delivers orders to rooms inside the Commander as well as to guests on the beach.

The new guest-pleasing additions at The Commander Hotel & Suites have helped to increase its user ratings on Google, TripAdvisor, and Expedia (as compared to the ratings at the end of the 2017 summer season). The addition of the flower bed also contributed to the hotel being honored with a 2018 Beauty Spot Award from the Ocean City Beautification Committee.

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