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Join MPI Philadelphia Education Institute 2019

Do you want to stand out in the meeting industry? Join MPI PHL Education Institute and start creating DYNAMITE EVENTS with luncheon keynote speaker, Heather Hansen O’Neill!

Heather’s dynamic presentation generates energy, creativity and jump starts productivity. Interactive, thought provoking, and action oriented this program provides the audience with:

  • Validation of the important role each meeting professional plays in the industry and in the global economy

  • Techniques and tips for how to connect deeper and stand out

  • Top stress busters to remain calm during chaos

  • The secret for lighting up your events

Meeting professionals across the country rave about this program because it works through tips from enhancing your inner self, working more effectively with your team and clients, all the way through execution of a dynamic event that wows the audience.

Meetings Legal Issues – Today’s Hottest Topics

Legal Weed; GDPR; Airbnb; Crisis Planning; Guns in Meetings – Constant global change means changes for meetings. Controversy in Washington and threats of terrorism discourage attendees from traveling. GDPR imposes tough data protection laws that that restrict use of personal information. Airbnb and other “Sharing Economy” business create havoc for hotel room blocks and increased risks. And societal changes like legal marijuana and increased acceptance of guns can affect a meeting host’s liability.

Without a crystal ball, it’s tough to plan for these changes, yet solid planning is what successful planners and suppliers must do. Join MPI PHL Education Institute for this fast-paced and interactive session led by Joshua L. Grimes, Esq., as he we will discuss the creative and innovative legal responses meeting professionals should consider now to allow events to go forward successfully with minimal risk.

Building Social Capital

In this breakout, we will take a classic idea – that relationships really matter – and refresh it with new research and ideas you can apply immediately. Join MPI PHL Education Institute presenter Kevin Hannan from Chubb training and development.

We live in an age of connectivity. But, how connected are we, really? If you manage teams, you know that real human connections among the members impacts their performance, especially when stress levels are high. Similarly, if you look to gain or keep clients, you know the strength your connection with them really matters.

The sum total of these connections can be thought of as social capital. Like any form of wealth, it can be nurtured and grown, or drawn down. The idea is worth a fresh look, in an age where many people feel hyper-connected and time-poor. It takes some focus to foster true, lasting social capital…for ourselves, and for others.

Does Social Media Matter?

Events and meetings can be one of the best ways to activate a community and catapult your client's social media activity. Are you familiar with the current trends, tactics and language to support this fast-moving aspect of meeting planning? Go far beyond social media 101 and learn how to engage your clients.

Join MPI PHL Education Institute and Evan Urbania’s session and discuss a variety of event successes and fails and help planners map out smart recommendations for their clients and venues. He will cover the basics of smart content strategies, user-generated content, live social broadcasting, registration/promotion tactics and impact measurement

In today's fast-moving, ever-changing meetings industry, mastering multiple competencies as a professional is vitally important if you aspire to move up in your career. Regardless of your current skill set, level of experience, title, or responsibilities, the ongoing expansion of your career tool kit must continue daily, with the end goal becoming a well-rounded professional ready to assume positions of increased responsibility as you progress in your career. Learning how to build and fine tune strong relationships, maintain work-life balance, grow as a leader, network better, and polish your personal brand, among other skills – are all important components to achieving your mission.

Join MPI PHL Education Institute’s Opening Keynote Michael J. Lyons as he will help you to Stay Relevant and Position Yourself for Career Growth and Success by Connecting the Dots!

Insights of Technology & Meeting Design Convergence

“Insights of Technology & Meeting Design Convergence” will provide a fresh look from a planner’s perspective. This session will cover best practices to engage audiences from room setup to different technologies that are currently being used at meetings and conferences. What are some things to consider when planning for a meeting? What are some do’s and don’t’s? What are some of the best trends in technology and venue setup today? Are VR and AR technologies here to stay?

Join MPI PHL Education Institute’s Tim Luepke & Medhi Ahmadi

Everyday Ethics for the Meeting & Sales Professional

Now more than ever, meeting professional and suppliers are facing ethical challenges in every aspect of their jobs – right and wrong is not always so black and white. This session will provide relevant information that will aid them in making professional choices and understanding the impacts of those choices.

Join MPI PHL Education Institute presenter Michael Shannon of Business Events Canada as he walks you through ethical dilemma examples and personal reactions that have happened to fellow meeting professionals and prepare yourself for future ethical challenges that may arise.

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