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“Pick Up the Poconos” Concept Expanded to New Counties, plus Pocono Community Caring Company

“Pick Up the Poconos” Concept Expanded to New Counties, plus Pocono Community Caring Company

Today the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau (PMVB) has announced expansions regarding the Pick Up the Poconos campaign. A press conference was held this morning in Wilkes-Barre to provide details on these innovative new developments. Representatives from various other organizations involved were also in attendance.

The press conference addressed the two new initiatives in detail:

1. Multi County Anti-Litter Coalition - Visit Luzerne County and Discover Lehigh Valley have taken interest in the Pick Up the Poconos program, and are willing to jump onboard to spread awareness in their regions, creating a multi-county anti-litter coalition. Other organizations such as Keep PA Beautiful and DiscoverNEPA have offered their support and assistance, as well. Anti-littering television messages will be run across in the Pocono Mountains, Luzerne County, and Lehigh Valley. The added destinations will look to take on the anti-littering program and adapt it to their location. These seven counties all recognize that littering has dozens of negative impacts, but are primarily looking to make the following impacts:

  • Make the environment clean and green for future generations

  • Create a positive impression on visitors to the region, which puts more money into the local economy

  • Reinforce the concept that “tourism cares” and that it gives back to the community

  • Produce a higher sense of pride in the community

2. Pocono Community Caring Company - The PMVB, Pocono Mountains United Way, Street2Feet, and the Monroe County Waste Authority have collaborated to create Pocono Community Caring Company (or Pocono 3C for short), a brand new and exciting program. Pocono 3C will be a program designed to give persons who are homeless, or in danger of becoming homeless, a job and case work, to get back up on their feet. These individuals often face difficulties finding work due to not having an ID or address, not having a bank account, or having a minor criminal record, to name a few. To help them overcome these obstacles, Pocono 3C provides them with work picking up litter in Monroe County. This not only gives them an income at the end of every workday but provides them with experience and references for a résumé. In addition to the job, they will be provided lunch the days that they work and case management. Here’s how these Pocono businesses are working together:

  • Street2Feet will be choosing the future employees, providing the case work, and will become their employees’ direct employer.

  • Pocono Mountains United Way will handle the disbursement of funds and preparation of financial services.

  • Monroe County Waste Authority will be the entity providing transportation to the employees to and from each work location, supervising employees while on the job by using a Waste Authority Police Officer.

  • The PMVB will be funding and publicizing the project.

For comments regarding the Pocono Mountains area, or Pocono 3C, contact: Kelly Shannon, Public Relations and Social Media Manager, Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau,, 570-534-4775

For comments regarding the Luzerne County area, contact: Theodore B. Wampole, Jr., Executive Director, Luzerne County Convention & Visitors Bureau,, 570-819-1877 ext. 6331

For comments regarding the Lehigh Valley area, contact: Alex Michaels, President & CEO, Discover Lehigh Valley,, 610-882-9200

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