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Venue Spotlight: Q&A with The Curtis Atrium in Philadelphia, PA

Q: What are some of the unique features that make The Curtis Atrium (at the Curtis Center) such an intriguing venue for hosting events?

A: The Curtis Atrium is truly one of Philadelphia’s most historic venues. The storied past of the building is still reflected through touches of the original Art Deco design, and with our recent renovations, the overall feel is very modern. The sky-high Atrium is bathed in natural light, and dramatic columns, as well as the double marble staircase, make every event feel like a celebration.

Q: What are some of your favorite “moments” and photo opportunities throughout the space?

A: For weddings and corporate events, the mezzanine overlooking the Atrium is magnificent. Especially for events with a grand entrance or a speaking program, this elevated platform commands attention and acts as a natural focal point for guests. Whether descending down the staircase or activating live entertainment throughout the second level, it’s a dramatic photo moment. And of course, the mosaic Dream Garden by Maxfield Frederick Parrish, which dates to 1916 but is as beautiful and vibrant as ever.

Q: How would you describe the atmosphere at The Curtis Atrium?

A: The Curtis Atrium is sophisticated, classic and charming. Constellation Culinary Group has the capabilities to truly create anything that a guest can dream up. Using a variety of lighting, florals and drapery, we can make the space feel sweeping and whimsical or sleek and modern. It’s a lovely space that’s made even more magical once personal touches and tailored décor bring it to life.

Q: In what ways does its location in Historic Philadelphia positively impact The Curtis Atrium as a host site for events?

A: In addition to incredible photo opportunities, The Curtis Atrium is close to major highways, public transportation, and only about 20 minutes away from the Philadelphia International Airport. Being located within Washington Square and beside Independence National Park, there are an abundance of hotel, retail, and entertainment options for guests staying for a weekend or longer. It’s the perfect location for guests who looking to experience the best that Philadelphia has to offer.

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