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Experience the Wildwoods, NJ With a Virtual Vacation

Experience the Wildwoods, NJ With a Virtual Vacation

Daydreaming about dipping your toes in the ocean while visiting in the Wildwoods?

Indulge with a virtual visit via live webcams, videos, photo galleries and vibrant social media

The day will soon be here when everyone can step beyond their computer, tablet, phone and TV screens to reconnect in-person. Until then, our devices serve as our window to the world – so why not use them to take a virtual vacation in the Wildwoods, NJ?

Visit the resort destination from your home with the Wildwoods’ live video streaming cameras! Twelve strategically placed webcams throughout the five-mile island allow viewers to experience the Wildwoods from the safety of their homes.

The Wildwoods’ webcams provide picturesque views, including the famous Wildwoods Boardwalk, amusement piers and FREE white sand beaches with live wave action. Five of the webcams are placed on top of the Wildwoods Convention Center; six cameras are on the boardwalk; and one additional camera points right at the iconic “WILDWOODS” sign. Streaming live real-time video of the beach and ocean, the Boardwalk, and beautiful vistas, you can be instantly transported here to watch the sunrise over the ocean, or witness a beautiful moonrise at sunset.

All webcams can be viewed via the internet on any device – desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones – from anywhere in the world. To view the live webcams, visit the Wildwoods tourism website at

Visitors can also browse through the Wildwoods via colorful, amazing photography and videos. The Wildwoods’ Online Image Gallery features hundreds of photos and videos for visitors to view, download and share. Photos of amusements, boardwalk, beaches, dining, events and festivals are refreshed often. To view the Online Image Gallery, visit Lots of great videos of fun in the Wildwoods can also be found on the Wildwoods’ YouTube Channel at

Follow the Wildwoods’ Facebook (@wildwoodsnewjersey), Twitter (@wildwood_nj_usa) and Instagram (@wildwoodsnj) pages to view and enjoy amazing, fun-filled photos and videos as well as join the conversation with other visitors sharing their own Wildwoods memories. It’s one big happy virtual family joining together and sharing vacation memories and plans for this summer.

Virtually plan out a vacation in the Wildwoods with the interactive Trip Builder tool at Simply select your favorite events and attractions and save them to an itinerary at the push of a button. You can organize your trip from your computer, tablet or smart phone so you can make the most of your vacation. Visit and start planning for your fun-filled summer vacation in the Wildwoods.

For additional information about the Wildwoods, visit or call 800-992-9732


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