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Wildwood and North Wildwood Hotels, Motels and Short-Term Rentals Reopening Tuesday, May 26; Wildwoo

Wildwood and North Wildwood Hotels, Motels and Short-Term Rentals

Reopening Tuesday, May 26; Wildwood Crest on Monday, June 1

Short-term rentals in Wildwood and North Wildwood are scheduled to reopen

at 60% capacity on Tuesday, May 26; Wildwood Crest properties will reopen Monday, June 1

Hotels, motels and short-term rental properties are scheduled to begin reopening in Wildwood and North Wildwood on Tuesday, May 26. Wildwood Crest properties will reopen on Monday, June 1

“We are enthusiastic about welcoming the visiting public back to the Wildwoods for overnight stays to enjoy our beaches and boardwalk,” said Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority (GWTIDA) Executive Director/CFO John Siciliano. “We look forward to having visitors and locals alike experiencing summer 2020 in the Wildwoods.”

Short-term rental properties, like all aspects of reopening the Wildwoods for the summer, will take measures to meet social distancing guidelines by initially opening at 60% capacity. Increased sanitizing and cleaning protocols, especially in high-touch areas, will be encouraged to ensure an optimal visitor experience. Additional measures may include having later check-in times to allow additional time for guest room preparation and enhanced sanitizing.

GWTIDA is working collectively with the island’s three municipalities, the Greater Wildwood Hotel and Motel Association (GWHMA), the Wildwood Business Improvement District (WBID), the Wildwood Special Improvement District (WSID), and the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce to encourage them to implement initiatives among the destination’s businesses and attractions to enhance the safety of employees and guests as the Wildwoods gradually reopen. These include increased intensive sanitizing protocols and social distancing procedures.

The Wildwoods have over 11,000 room accommodations – including 8,000 hotel and motel rooms, and over 3,000 vacation rentals. Mid-century themed hotels/motels, as well as other businesses, can be seen throughout the five-mile island. These hotels reflect their original predecessor buildings from the 1950s and ‘60s in architecture, décor and color – an architectural style known as “Doo Wop”.

Plastic palm trees tower over kidney shaped pools, jutted roof angles, and wrought iron balconies, and whimsical names and flamboyant themes give these similarly styled buildings individual character. Vivid imagery and vibrant aqua, oranges and pinks bombard the eye of the motoring public, as bright neon signs beckon to travelers, each blatantly attempting to outdo their neighbor.

The motels and their ample parking reflect the burgeoning era of automotive travel of the 1950s. The designs and architectural features pay tribute to the post-war pop culture. Their architecture continues to memorialize the bold spirit of a newly restless society, while motel names conjure up tropical paradises and other exotic destinations.

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