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An uphill battle gets steeper as EPZ suffers destruction from storm – and braces for the next

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Elmwood Park Zoo’s 96th season has seen more challenges than it has guests — but like we said before, neither storm nor pandemic can keep Elmwood Park Zoo’s staff from caring for its animals. As we continue to work around the clock to care for our facility, our uphill battle seems to be steepening. Since our March closure, millions have been lost in revenue, a re-opening date has yet to be determined, and now a powerful storm ripped through our paths. Leaving a littered mess of branches and trees — but fortunately no harm to any staff or animals — Elmwood Park Zoo spent yesterday, today and what is sure to be days on end shifting animals, cutting down trees, and assessing severely damaged exhibits. As we keep our chins up and look toward a bright future, we ask that you continue to think about the zoo, its animals and its employees — and, if you can, support us during these trying times. Each donation goes a long way to supporting the daily care of our animals, and will certainly help expedite our recovery from the storm.

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