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Science History Institute Conference Center Reopens August 3 for Event Rentals

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

A Message from the Conference Center General Manager:

As the City of Philadelphia moves into its modified “green phase” of reopening this Friday, I am delighted to announce that the Science History Institute conference center will reopen to live events on Monday, August 3. Our team has spent the last several months developing and testing enhanced guidelines for in-person gatherings and honing our virtual event skills, and we are ready to begin the collaborative process of turning an idea into an exceptional experience.

All of our rental spaces, including the Ullyot Meeting Hall above, can be set for safe, physically distanced gatherings. 📷 Science History Institute

I have enjoyed returning to our offices overlooking Independence National Park after working from home for so long. And I am even happier to have hosted our first live event since March 13: an internal staff meeting. Held in the Ullyot Meeting Hall—the conference center’s largest space with a capacity of up to 300—the 22-seat physically distanced room set safely accommodated 18 mask-wearing staff members while the majority participated remotely. For those of us in the room, it was a pleasure to once again experience an in-person event.

Best of all, you don’t need to wait until August 3 to begin planning. We are open now for reservations, site tours, and brainstorming sessions on how to create unique events, whether they are virtual, in-person, or something in between.

We look forward to hosting your next event soon!


Emily Nichols

General Manager

Science History Institute Conference Center


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