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PEPP's new site website is "READY FOR ACTION". The mission of this site is to bring awareness to the Governor and other PA State Officials of the challenges Couples, Family & Friends, Staff & Professional as well as Hotels, Caterers, and Venues are facing with this continued to shut down.

What can you do to help? Our site has templated email forms & Twitter links for each category affected by the shutdown. Forward this link out to anyone appropriate for your business so their stories can be told.

1) Forward this link to your Couples who want to get married and encourage them to share their story with the Governor. and encourage them to also share it with their Family and Friends.

2) Forward this link to your Staff and Vendor Partners and encourage them to reach out under the Staff & Pro's button.

3) Use the Event Venue tab to share your own personal story with the Governor.

Venues, Hotels, Catering Professionals, and Vendor partners are ready to assist in the safe reopening of our Industry in PA and we just need the chance to lead the way. We are getting a bcc: on all of the responses and we will keep you updated with our progress. Thanks!

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