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Submitting Ads


All ad copy to be produced by Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine will be charged.

Full Page Ads:  

Trim Size:  8 3/16" x 10 7/8"      Bleed Size:  8 3/4" x 11 1/4"

Digitally Submitted Ads: 

The document size should match the file print size of the ad. Use standard image file formats optimized for high resolution, such as TIF or EPS. Use standard color model CMYK. Do not use hairline rules. Include ALL files used to create the ad. This includes: native application files, screen fonts, printer fonts, image files. If fonts cannot be furnished, they must be saved as outlines. Files must be created in: QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat or InDesign.


The preferred file format is a Press Optimized PDF with no OPI items checked. Press Optimized PDFs will keep the blacks black and halftone images at high resolution (300 dpi). Press Optimized PDFs can be created as follows:  If you are creating a PDF directly from Quark Xpress, remember to reset your parameters. Quark tends to use the most recently set up parameters for Acrobat Distiller. The default for Acrobat Distiller is "screen," which means that the file downsamples all images to 72 dpi, and in many cases, changes all the colors (even the black) from CMYK to RGB. Launch Acrobat Distiller first, choose "Press" or "Press Optimized" under Job Options, then quit Distiller so that Quark will re-launch Distiller with the correct parameters when you export your PDF.



Inserts that will be bound into the magazine must be seen beforehand and quoted accordingly.

Ad Position: 


Special request for positioning will be charged an additional 10%. Available on 1/3 Page ads or larger. When necessary, Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine will place ads most common to article content, based on availability, at no extra charge.

Commissions, Discounts and Billing: 


(1) A 15% of Gross to all recognized agencies. No commission will be paid on artwork, production or printing. (2) All advertisements are published for the benefit of the agency and advertiser, and each of them is jointly liable for all charges.

Publisher's Copy Protective Clause: 


Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine (1) Assumes no liability for claims arising from misleading advertisements. (2) Reserves the right to refuse any advertising we feel is not within the standards of this publication. (3) Assumes no liability from mistakes within advertisement submitted. (4) Shall not be liable for failure to publish or distribute all or any part of any issue due to labor disputes, strikes, accidents, fires, theft, malfunctions, acts of God or any circumstances beyond the publisher's control.

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